Based on your detailed instructions we will select the best images from your photos. 

Once you have sent us your images we will follow your instructions to the letter and only select the images that are important to you!

You can decide on how many pictures you would like to keep for color correcting, between 15% and 85% of them.

The price includes color correction of the chosen photos and it varies from $0.08 to $0.15 per image.


We all have our own unique style and preference, and we recognize the importance of that to you when it comes to your images. Our custom Color Correction service allows you to specify exactly what and express your own personal style. 

With our post-processing services, we will make individual adjustments of the basic panel within Lightroom such as Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Temperature, Whites, Blacks, Highlights, Shadows, Clarity, Dehaze, Vibrance & Saturation also Sharpening adjustments and Lens Corrections. 

We match EVERY single photo with the samples that you provide. We DO NOT batch edit your photos, we edit every single image individually.

Each photo that we edit for you will consistently be edited by the same editor every time. This way we can guarantee that your style is perfectly preserved and that the quality of the edited photos is consistent with your instructions and always the best. It’s much like having your own employee with the essential benefits of outsourcing and without the hassle.

Wedding Photo Retouching Services

Total Control Over the Process

During the entire process you will always be in contact with us and you are able to request the changes that you need and our processing staff value your feedback on your experience.

Price for Culling + Color Correction: $0.08 - $0.15 per photo

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