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Photography Color Correction

Culling / Selection

Let us select your best photos for you! You send us all your photos, we will then select the best images of the lot, based on your detailed instructions. We take your instructions seriously and base our selection on what is important to you and what is not.

Color Correction

Everyone has their own unique style and we understand the importance of preserving it! We, therefore, provide you with a custom Color Correction service that is based on your personal style.
Our post-processing services include individualized adjustments of the basic panel within Lightroom such as Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation also Sharpening adjustments and Lens Corrections.

Photography Color Correction Services

Retouching & Artistic edits

​We are highly skilled editors and with us, all kinds of retouching are in the realm of possibility. We are excellent at retouching wedding photos, Glamour work, blemish removal, distraction clean-up, head swaps, sky replacement, overall beauty edits, multi-image comps and anything else that may be needed to produce the perfect photo. Tell us exactly what you need retouched, and we'll send you a quote within one business day.

Why choose Us?

We are based in Europe and our work meets the highest European quality standards. We are closely acquainted with the demands of the western market in terms of quality and delivery time and you can always be sure you can get in touch with us and that we have access to high-speed Internet. Billing, contracts and all the legal stuff is also much simpler when you work with a EU-based company.

We have our own in-house team that we carefully supervise so we can offer high quality services and full confidentiality. In fact, confidentiality is so important to us that several VIPs and local celebrities choose to work with us for delicate photo editing. We don’t outsource and our employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement. Your photos are safe with us.

Total control over the process – You will be in direct contact with your editor so you can offer feedback, request changes and communicate exactly what you need. You will also get a quick status report and always be in the loop with what happens.

Consistent quality and results – Your photos will be edited by the same editor every time so we can guarantee that your style is preserved and that the quality is always the best. It’s like having your own employee but without the hassle and with the intrinsic benefit of outsourcing.

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What others say?

What others say?

"I used to spend two full days editing photos for each wedding I attended as a photographer. That’s at least 16 hours of work I can now outsource for a very fair price and spend more time doing what I love. I still edit some of the photos but I leave the hard lifting to Luna photo retouch and his team who do a great job at delivering quickly and according to my client’s needs. Deciding to outsource post-processing and advanced editing is probably the best business decision I made this year."

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